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Nancy Goodman
Nancy Goodman has written, directed, and produced her first feature film, "Surprise Me!" based on her novel. She is also the published author of, "It Was Food vs. Me... and I Won." She has three children and lives in Chicago.
About Your Food Guru
Though Goodman described herself as happy, healthy, and in good shape, she had a bingeing problem she didn't understand. Referring to it as a "food curse," she sought professional help. In these sessions, she learned her cravings held valuable information about what she wanted to eat, but more importantly, what she was feeling in the moment. "Every time I ran from my cravings I was running from myself." Today, she teaches her strategy of S.A.F.E. (Separate Always Food and Emotion).

Goodman calls Surprise Me! a "Romantic Comedy Diet" and sees this as not just a movie, but her crusade to help women turn their focus from dieting (which she calls a set up to binge and overeat) to their feelings, choices, strength, pain, joy, goals, and new passions beyond their taste buds.
Her Works
"It Was Food vs. Me...
and I Won."
One of the best books I’ve read on
overcoming an obsessive relationship with
food- and I’ve read them all... this book
will help you tame the monster and make
a friend of your own body.”
- Martha Beck
Viking/Penguin 2004
Children’s Book
"Cookies Don't
Fix Boo-boos"
Includes the plush doll, Ollie.
Health Program
2005-2009. A three-part program for kids, ages 3-11. Taught through projects, games,
and themes, this one hour class included healthy cooking and meal planning; how to be aware of and feel our feelings; fun exercise drills to burn emotions, not calories;
goal setting and community projects.
Endorsed by Secretary of State Jesse White in 2005.
"Surprise Me!"
The romantic comedy that inspired
the fim. How can a girl figure out if
she's choosing the right man to marry?
Can a craving for food be part of a clue that
leads her to the truth?
Published by Diversion Books in February 2012.
Zero Calorie Comfort
A plush dog with a Velcro opening
to tuck a wish or message.
"Surprise Me!"
Film produced by Kevin McGrail.
Written, directed, produced by Nancy Goodman.
Spreading the Word
Advocate for Living Kidney Donors Network. Nancy donated a kidney to her son who was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease.
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